What is this?

Next to a Person is a small project by Joao and Chris, which came about when our friend Charlie ordered an artist easel the size of her hand.

Some people aren't good at dimensions online, so we thought the best idea would be to visually compare your purchase to people.

How does it work?

Next to a Person scans an Amazon listing for the dimensions. It then takes the main image and resizes it compared to an average sized human, which is 1.7m for a man and 1.6m for a woman.

We do a little bit of image analysis using Cloud Vision API to remove as much white space as possible... accuracy is clearly very important. More information on this can be found on the GitHub repo, which is licensed under creative commons.

What’s next?

Who knows. Theoretically, this could work with many more e-commerce websites, or could be a shopify plug-in, but we also think a 3D comparison would be interesting to build. If you want to get involved, please head over to the GitHub repository.